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We pride ourselves in friendly and professional service both before and after the sale. If you need technical support, please contact us and our support team will do our best to accommodate you. We don't use impersonal automated "support tickets" here -- it's all personal, one-on-one support whether it's by phone or E-mail.

Sales Inquiries...

Please start with the Buying Guide, which has answers to most of the questions people ask when they call.

Since Campground Master is a try-before-you-buy system that you can set up yourself, we don't have dedicated sales people (which would simply be an added cost passed on to our customers). We ask that you download the demo and try it out yourself, and do your best to locate the information you need on our web site before calling the first time. Be sure to check the F.A.Q. page and the Why Choose Campground Master? page for the most commonly needed information. If you still have questions, contact us and our technical support team answer the questions that you weren't able to resolve on the web site.

E-mail is preferred for both support and inquiries -- you will likely get a much faster response with better information if you send an E-mail with the details of your question or issue. If you call (or send an E-mail requesting a call back), then your request may be delayed as available time for phone support is much more limited.


1-913-522-0717 (8AM to 5PM Arizona time, Mon-Fri).
Weekend phone support available for emergencies or by special request, availability is not guaranteed.

Note that we do not answer the phone directly -- you will need to leave a message with the details of your support issue. We will prioritize your call according to the issue described (and whether your support subscription is current), and will call you back when available.
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Cottonwood Software
P.O. Box 657
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"You know you are like the coolest person I think I've ever done business with!!! ... Thank you again and it is great using your software!!"
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